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Manicure Manicure

Retreat Manicure$25

Retreat manicure includes hand soak nails fillings, shaping, and cuticle care finish by coating nails with nails lacquer hand massages.

Gel Manicure$40

Revitalize your hand without gel manicure. Gel manicure includes nails filing. Shaping and cuticles care finish off by choice of gel polish hand massage.

Unwind Manicure$50

Relaxing CBD hand soak cuticle care nails shaping CBD oil massage hand mask finish choice of polish

Dolce 8 Spa Manicure$60

Our Dolce 8 Spa manicure includes hand soak complete cuticle care nails filing shaping. Includes with our exfoliating scrub and natural hand massage that perfect for dry and dull skin. Relax and unwind with hand mask hot oil candle massage finish with polish of your choice.

Pedicure Pedicure

Retreat Pedicure (30 mins)$35

Retreat and soak your feet to serenity. Retreat pedicure start with nails trim and shaping cuticle grooming and massage hot towel wrap finish with your choice of polish.

Spa Pedicure (35 mins)$45

Includes all the features of Retreat Pedicure sugar scrubs exfoliations and extended relaxing lotion massage with hot towel wrap choice of polish.

Refresh pedicure (45 mins)$50

Includes all the features of Retreat pedicure callus removal sugar scrub rejuvenation mask paraffin wax relaxing lotion massage hot towel choice of polish.

Voesh Pedicure (50 mins)$60

Start with our Retreat pedicure in the box organic 4 step pedicure salt sugar mask, lotion, steamed towel paraffin wax and hot stones. Finish with your choice of polish.

Jelly Pedicure (50 mins)$60

A jelly pedicure start with retreat pedicure. Jelly pedicure creates truly luxurious pedicure experience by transforming the warm water into the soft fluffy jelly that will melt all is your daily stress paraffin wax hot stone sugar scrub, rejuvenating mask, hot towel, (Choose of scents) and then finish with your choice of polish.

Collagen Spa Pedicure (60 mins)$70

In the box 5-6 step collagen pedicure start with Retreat pedicure collagen treatment that leave the feet silky and moisturized while collagen diminishes your feet and help maintain your feet leg smooth fell like baby feet. It also followed by hot stone massage and hot towel wrap. Finish with polish.

Dolce 8 Spa Pedicure (70 mins)$80

You can go above and beyond with dolce 8 spa pedicure regardless of whatsoever the stress level you are in a long stressful trip your special day. Just completed at marathon? Your feet need some extra-extra attention or it is your special day? Dolce 8 Spa Pedicure can do this job for you. First your feet will be soaked with wine and epson salt then come whit spa treatment exfoliating scrub spa rejuvenation cream and spa mask. Feet spa treatment mask lotion after the spa treatment experience with hot stone massage and be dipped hot wax hot towels and final touch of polishing "Bingo" neck wrap.

Add-Ons Add-Ons

Paraffin Hot Wax$8

Solar Take Off$10 & Up

Dip Gel Take Off$10

Nails Repair$5

Nails Design$5 & Up

nail Enhancements nail Enhancements
Solar Acrylic Nails

Full Set$45

Full Set w/ White Tip$45

Full Set w/ Gel Polish$55

Ombre Full Set$60 & Up

Pink & White Full Set$60

Refill w/ Gel$45

Ombre Refill$35 & Up

Pink & White Refill$50 & Up

Liquid Builder Gel UV Gel

Full Set$65



Gel Polish w/ o Manicure$25

Feet W/O Manicure$25



Natural Dipping Powder

Dip w/ Tip$60

Dip Overlay$50

Dip Ombre$60 & Up

Dip w/ French Tip$60 & Up

Kid's Menu Kid's Menu

(10 yrs Old Under)

Kid Pedicure$25

Kid Combo$35

Facial Treatments Facial Treatments

Signature Classic Refresh Facial (30 mins)$45

Refreshes and maintains all skin types for more hydrates softer and smoother skin our seacret product skin care begin with our seacret product skin care begin with facial cleaning milk refresh toner mineral feeling gel mask moisture face cream will leave your skin hydrated with a healthy glow.

Drinks Menu Drinks Menu

One complementary glass of wine or beer on services $40 & up


House Red (Sweet Or Dry)

House White








Mountain Dew

Dr. Pepper


Green Tea

Sweet Tea


Capri Sun

Honest Kids

IZZE Sparkling Juice






Vietnamese Coffee


Green Tea

Black Tea


Ginger Tea

Hot Chocolate


(Available with groups of 5 people and up)

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